Health and Safety Policy

We are committed to always providing a safe working environment and minimising the risk of injury for all employees, contractors and visitors.

We commit to comply with relevant and applicable Health & Safety and other Legislative and regulatory instruments directly applicable to our business and to the requirements of our clients and will all other requirements and standards to which the company subscribes.

These are appropriate to the nature and scale of the services we provide and to the occupational health and safety risks.

All management, staff and contractors are accountable to our clients and to all recognised interested parties. We deliver reliable products and services to meet agreed client requirements and other non stated or statutory requirements.

All members of the management, staff and contractors are empowered to be flexible and to continually improve our processes. This is achieved through ongoing communication with all relevant parties, management review of all processes and systems and the setting of objectives for all levels of the company and effective management of the processes to achieve these objectives on an ongoing basis.

All our work is of the highest quality standard as is evident by the strict quality and Health & Safety ethos that is required of us to enable us to work in a high designated category area. In addition, we have the ISO Certification which we received since June 2004 by the standards set by the ISO Accreditation Board and we have recently achieved ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standard.