Environmental Policy

D.M. MECHANICAL & PIPE INSTALLATIONS LIMITED commits itself to work in a manner that conserves our Environment and protects the Safety, Health and Welfare of our employees and sub-contractors, customers and the community.
Our objective in the environmental health and safety area is to assume a responsible position.
In accomplishing this we will:

1 .     Comply with all local and national legislation.

2.    Ensure that our operations and products used do not create unacceptable risks to human health or the environment.

3.    Assess the discharges and waste generated from our sites / premises and their effects, if any, on the environment and community.

4.     Ensure that all of our waste is disposed of properly.

5.     Where possible waste generated will be recycled.

6.    We will endeavour to keep these sites and grounds as tidy and clean as possible for the local communities.