Our philosophy is based on “Trust”. In order to trust a System the operator has to really know they can depend on the System. In order to achieve this “Trust” the operation of any ECI System must be easy to follow, straight forward and informative to use. This ease of use of our SCADA Systems quickly acquires the operators “Trust”. Our SCADA Solutions allow the Application to be visualized, analyzed  and mobilized in real time on any device. Whilst the Design and Architecture of the SCADA System maybe sophisticated we pride ourselves in developing advanced easy to use SCADA Solutions.  From Industrial Process Control Systems to CMMS our new SCADA Systems can Integrate existing Systems onsite also.

  • Design and programming
  • SQL database & Historian
  • Web applications
  • Brands include (InTouch, Citect, Indusoft, RSView)
  • Control Systems Integration
  • CCTV, CMMS and Energy Management Systems Integration
Contact us Today to discuss how we can help improve your current SCADA requirements or how we can assist you with implementing a new SCADA System . Our SCADA Systems services are both very Professional and  very Competitive.