Modular Construction / Skids

Our fabrication shop is well versed at handling modular, skid-mounted fabrication work. We are also experienced at handling the multiple skills needed to provide you with a turnkey solution to your modular fabrication project.

All of our shop fabrication goes through a series of checks to ensure dimensional accuracy, completeness, weld quality, and conformance to the design and specifications. The finished product then undergoes testing as specified by the customer. Typical tests utilized in our shop include: x-ray, dye-penetrant checks, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing for piping systems as well as point-to-point checks for instrumentation and electrical work. We can put together complete test packages at the onset of the project for review and agreement by the owner.

To assist in fabrication of modular units, we provide our own piping drawings. Our draftsmen are well aware of the unique requirements of modular construction. Our customers find our drawings to be quite helpful in verifying their process design, layout, field conditions and as-built drawings.

Modular fabrication of piping and process components can increase efficiency of installation and improve quality control compared to on-site assembling. These assemblies are placed on steel skids constructed by DM Mechanical & Pipe Installations Ltd to meet both shipping and installation requirements. Using our skills in custom fabrication, welding and piping, we can build and deliver any skid component configuration, from simple to complex. We take pride in providing a finished skid project to precisely meet customer specifications.

From our strategic base in Dublin Port we can ship our pipe spools and modular skids to anywhere in the world.