Reusing the existing 250 mm Ф 2K line as a Fire Water Pipe Line, renewing all local connections, pipe modifications, spool pieces, branch connections, hydrant connections, vents, drains, pressure relief valves, pressure reducing valves etc. The 2 K line will be connected with new pipe work between Tolka Quay Road TW1 and the new fire water system at the corner of No. 2 Branch Road North / Tolka Quay Road. A pressure reducing valve is to be installed on the 2 K line before the first Topaz company connection at TW44 with access and supports provided. Installation of pressure relief valve at TW59 is required. The outlet from the pressure relief valve is to run into adjacent storm water drain located on the road side (allow for all pipework fittings, pipe wrapping and supports to adhere to drawing). Provision for the removal of existing 10” (250mm) water line and 6” (150mm) Naphta gas line on completion of testing of new proposed fire water line as indicated on drawings and the re-connection from the new water main (2K line) into the existing Company / DP branch connections points.